Dave Hunt Paranautics

Singer / Songwriter - Acoustic - Oxfordshire Based - Originals & Covers
Paranautics is a solo project, by Dave Hunt (singer of Cosmosis). With a unique voice and playing style, Dave knows how to wow the audience and is set to go far! Taking inspiration from David Bowie, you will hear the unique style of Dave's originals. There'll be tunes and vids coming out every couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy, big love!

Flynn Davies Music

Rock - Punk - Acoustic - Oxfordshire Based - Originals & Covers
Flynn is a very quirky individual that does not only bounce off the walls, but shows the world his fun side through the power of song. Are you a Lazy Bum? Are you dating a girl called Charlotte? Flynn takes elements of everyday life and transports you into the wild, wonderful world of his mind. Find out more about Flynn and check out some of his music, from his most recent EP: ‘St Peter’s Songs’.


Psychedelic Rock Band - Oxfordshire Based - Originals



Electro - Acoustic - Oxfordshire Based - Originals
Well what can I possibly write about these guys? A magical band full of awesome potential. From Major Tom to Gryffindor, Cosmosis is a journey, a journey full of love. The only way you can experience that journey is to ride along it. Check out Cosmosis and there awesome videos, and join us on the quest for cosmic unity!


T3 Studios

An Awesome Studio run by Will Vetcher!
We work with Will (Mr V) to provide a variety of live music events and to assist with some Marketing / Graphics. T3 Studios is a fabulous place, a relaxed chilled out environment built on the foundation of supporting Oxfordshire's awesome musicians!

T3 Studios

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